We cover the following counties in Northern California.

San Francisco
Contra Costa
Santa Clara
Santa Cruz
San Mateo
and Sacramento

First and foremost we are photographers and aerial photography is an art form. With more than 10 years experience in the aerial photography industry, we have mastered the art of capturing your property from the best angles and altitudes to serve your individual needs. With every click of the shutter, we take into account the size and scope of the job we are shooting and how that image will be used, be it for insurance/legal documentation, marketing or just an incredible means of showcasing your property.

Together with you, we go over the specifics of your shoot and the best way to achieve the angles and imagery our clients have come to expect of Sharp Shots. At Sharp Shots we leave no detail to chance when planning your shoots to assure your images come out the way you expect.

Many different factors can affect the outcome of an aerial image. We carefully consider atmospheric conditions, angle of the sun (to avoid those long shadows); and, for our construction progress clients, we shoot the same angles at the same altitude month after month to ensure consistency for your project from beginning to end.

We primarily shoot from R-22 and R-44 helicopters. The reason we choose to shoot from these types of aircraft instead of fixed wing airplanes, is their speed, agility and ability to fly at much lower altitudes freeing us to capture those amazing angles only a helicopter and the eye of a seasoned photographer can provide.

We capture all images using the latest in professional grade, digital SLR cameras fitted with a variety of high-powered lenses. This ensures the highest image clarity and definition, making it possible to provide crisp images even enlarged up to 60” x 40”.

Through the years our team has developed a highly efficient workflow allowing us to give you access to your high and low resolution images, complete with your custom titleblock, within 24 hours of shooting. Because your images are stored in our secure images database, they are able to be quickly retrieved even months later.

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